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Tax Advisory and Management Services Sdn Bhd or TAMS as it is popularly known, is a Malaysia tax firm that operates tax services world wide.

TAMS is a very high quality tax firm which is committed to being small, safe, exclusive, dignified and prestigious, based on the excellence of its staff, and on the personalised attention it endeavours to provide to its clients.

Rather than performing in a mediocre fashion in many fields, which today often appears to be the norm, TAMS has chosen its fields and with great care has decided to divide the world wide taxation into five main departments - tax compliance, tax consultancy, tax audit, tax seminars and indirect taxation.

TAMS is proudly elitist in tax, implacably committed to excellence and ensures that all staff achieve the best. It will continue to be strong internationally and will remain a tax firm in the true sense long after the year 2000. It will continue to play a leading role in providing motivated clients with high quality, customised tax service in the 21st century.

Looking forward to work with you together
Yong Poh Chye
B.Ec(Mal) MEc(Mal), FTII

Seminars / Workshops
Income Tax Treatment on GST paid
  • 9/Dec/2016 [PG]
  • 7/Dec/2016 PJ]
  • 5/Dec/2016 [JB]
Introduction to GST and GST SUBMISSION
  • 15/Nov/2016 [JB]
  • 10/Nov/2016 PJ]
  • 8/Nov/2016 [PG]
  • 1/Nov/2016 [PJ]
  • 31/Oct/2016 [JB]
  • 28/Oct/2016 [PG]
Malaysian Corporate Income Tax
Introduction To Malaysian Income Tax
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