Are you aware that the following INVESTMENT INCENTIVES are available in Malaysia?

  • Pioneer Status
  • Pioneer Status for Small Scale Companies
  • Investment Tax Allowance (ITA)
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for Subsidiaries of Pioneer Companies
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for Location At Eastern Corridor of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for Promoted Activities & Promoted Products of National & Strategic Importance
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for Research Companies
    1. Research & Development Co.
    2. In-House Research
    3. Contract R & D Co.
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for Re-conditioning Heavy machineries & Equipment Co. ITA for Technical & Vocational Training Co. In Malaysia
  • Hotel Incentives
  • Industrial Adjustment Allowance (IAA)
  • Infrastructure Allowance
  • Double Deductions for Promotion of Exports
  • Pioneer Status & ITA for companies interested in Multimedia Super Corridor
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Are you aware that the following tax incentives are available in Malaysia?

  • Reinvestment Allowance
  • Special Building Allowances
  • Tourism Incentives
  • Agricultural Incentives
  • Construction Incentives
  • Incentives for Small and Medium Industries
  • Training Incentives
  • Incentives for Industrial Adjustment
  • Incentives for New Technology - Based Firms
  • Incentives for A Venture Capital Company
  • Incentives for the Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Toxic and Hazardous Wastes
  • Incentives for Operational Headquarters
  • Incentives for Conservation of the Environment
  • Incentives for Unit Trust
  • Labuan - An International Offshore Financial Centre
  • Reverse Investment- Remittance From Overseas Source Into Malaysia Tax Exempt
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Are you aware that you can claim twice? but incurred the following expenses once :-

  • Double deductions can be given for the following expenses in Malaysia
  • Export Credit Insurance Premiums.
  • Insurance Premiums For Importers.
  • Employment And Training For Disabled Persons.
  • Training For Construction Workers.
  • Freight Charges.
  • Participating In Approved International Trade Fains.
  • Training Of Workers In Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Sector (Including Tourism Sector)
  • Prescribed Expenses Involved In Export Promotions.
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A Foreign company or a multinational company can conduct its business in Malaysia through any one of the following ways:-

  • Setting up a representative office
  • Registering a branch office
  • Setting up a joint venture company
  • Granting patent licences and franchising
  We can help you in the following areas:-
  • Applications for foreign equity ownership
  • Applications for manufacturing licence
  • Applications for approval from various government department/agencies
  • Application for tax and investment incentives
  • Application for work permits and professional passes
  • Be a tax agent for your company and expatriates
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