Owing to the tremendous response and feed-back received from the firm's seminar and courses as well as from members of the public, TAMS has published a number of publications on Malaysian taxation namely:-

  • Malaysian Corporate Income Tax
  • Introduction To Malaysian Income Tax
  • A Guide To Investments And Taxation In Malaysia
  • Life Insurance And Malaysian Tax Implications
  • Tax Implications For Malaysian Medical Practitioners
  • Guide To Preparing Income Tax Form C
  • Tax And Corporate Updates 2005
Seminars / Workshops
Income Tax Treatment on GST paid
  • 9/Dec/2016 [PG]
  • 7/Dec/2016 PJ]
  • 5/Dec/2016 [JB]
Introduction to GST and GST SUBMISSION
  • 15/Nov/2016 [JB]
  • 10/Nov/2016 PJ]
  • 8/Nov/2016 [PG]
  • 1/Nov/2016 [PJ]
  • 31/Oct/2016 [JB]
  • 28/Oct/2016 [PG]
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