Tax Consultancy

TAMS offers a complete range of both local and international tax consultancy services. These include, among others, tax planning to take the fullest advantage of current tax legislation, assistance in establishing new business or reorganizing existing ones and advice on particular tax issues or problems.

Tax Retainers

Due to rapid changes in tax legislation, the public is often unable to keep abreast of tax regulations that affect their businesses. Under these circumstances, TAMS on a regular basis, or as and when required. In addition, tax updates in the form of technical circulars are issued periodically. These include latest government legislation in taxation, tax cases and practices of the Inland Revenue Department.

Tax Compliance

This service involves the annual submission of tax forms and returns. To obtain maximum benefits for its clients, the firm's staff are trained to identify opportunities as well as pitfalls in the tax structure.

Tax Research

TAMS also conducts research for its clients and does a lot of tax comparisons between Malaysia and other countries.

Tax Education

In the complex world of business today, an awareness and basic working knowledge of taxation is vital. TAMS offers invaluable insights into strategic business and tax planning via lectures, seminars, workshops and panel discussions.

Tax Investigation

TAMS has the experience of dealing with numerous cases with the tax authorities all over Malaysia. The clients that have benefited from our experience, expertise and professional approach range from individuals, partnerships and companies involved in various businesses and industries. TAMS has been successful in negotiating fair and satisfactory settlements for its clients. This could be so because of the professional approach adopted by TAMS which is supported by long experience in such matters.

Seminars / Workshops
Income Tax Treatment on GST paid
  • 9/Dec/2016 [PG]
  • 7/Dec/2016 PJ]
  • 5/Dec/2016 [JB]
Introduction to GST and GST SUBMISSION
  • 15/Nov/2016 [JB]
  • 10/Nov/2016 PJ]
  • 8/Nov/2016 [PG]
  • 1/Nov/2016 [PJ]
  • 31/Oct/2016 [JB]
  • 28/Oct/2016 [PG]
Malaysian Corporate Income Tax
Introduction To Malaysian Income Tax
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